Saturday, April 30, 2005

Who I like continued.....

Reading my blog it should be obvious who I dislike. Not hate. Hate is too strong of an emotion for these dumbasses. They are not worth it.
So here we go with more people I like...

Ron Silver is a man who does not toe any partyline and I admire him for that. He took a big risk by coming out for George W. While I voted for George W and support and like him I do not agree with everything he stands for. I think Ron Silver is incredibly brave to have stood up and said he supports George W. That took courage from a democrat actor and that is to be admired.

Jerry Brown has evolved into a very likeable human being. Now he is the guy who appointed that whack job Rose Bird to the Calif supreme court but if you listen to him recently he is thoughtful intelligent and does not toe the democratic line.He is not afraid to cross party lines and give props to someone in the Republican party and he also will call a democrat on something they do that he doesn't agree with.

Dianne Feinstein I also admire. She does not toe her party line for the most part. I have voted for her a couple of times. She is a decent human being who seems to listen to both sides of an issue. That is something that cannot be said for that piece of crap Barbara Boxer. Dianne does not seem to be driven by the radical leftists and I admire her for that.

I think my next blog will be about people who have ruined their faces with plastic surgery. That should be quite a list......

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

People I like

Someone, quite fairly, asked if there was anyone I did like. Well of course. And I will list them. First let me state again the whole reason for my blog. It is to call out hypocrisy. And where is the most hypocrisy coming from? Well hollywood of course the world of " Do as I say not as I do" The land of priviledged people who pretend for a living. People ask if I am jealous of them. Uh that would be a negative. I would never want that lifestyle the money maybe but I do have some of that myself. Do I hate these people? No there are very few people of earth that I hate and no one in Hollywood is worth that emotion. I actually just laugh when I think of these people. How phony and how shallow they are. They know what they do is worthless and that is why the have an award show every other week to award their shallow little heads and empty hearts. Yes I know I am generalizing and there are actually some decent people in Hollywood but by and large they are just phony hypocrites. Anyway here are some people I like and admire in no order.
Angelina Jolie I admire her because she doesn't bash for cash she puts her heart where her mouth is. She helps people without bashing others and without begging for money and not giving herself. She is a pretty selfless person and that is rare in Hollywood. She does good things even when there isnt a camera rolling. She does not do it for publicity only. Unlike Brad Pitt George Clooney Julia Roberts etc. Ooops this wasn't supposed to be about people I dont like. My bad.

Patricia Heaton I admire because she dares to say she is a conservative and that she is pro life. I am personally pro choice but I certainly admire her guts to say what she says out loud in that town. Kudos to you Patricia.You are a brave woman.

Charlton Heston pretty much for the same reason above. He was proudly conservative in a town that is 90% liberal and he wasn't afraid of the consequences.

Shirley MacLaine Here is a woman who also doesnt give a crap about what mainstream Hollywood thinks. She put her odd ( to some) ideas and thoughts out there and took a lot of heat for it but I admire her for that. She lives her life how she wants and doesnt conform to Hollywood's phony bullshit. I admire that.

There are more lots more but I must go walk my dog now......
To be continued

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sean Penn is a scumbag

Has there ever been a bigger scumbag than Sean Penn??? This dude is a total whore. I just saw on the news that he attended the funeral services for Marla Ruzicka the chick who was killed in Iraq. She was an activist who tried to aid Iraqi victims of the war. Noble cause on all that but what the fuck was Sean Penn doing there? Hmm lets see he has a movie opening this weekend and he got publicity for being there. To me that is totally scummy. He doesnt know the chick but he gets up to yap at her funeral when I am sure there were more eloquent ( not hard to beat Sean there) speakers. Dude is such a filthy scumbag. I wonder if he smoked during the service and had a bottle of booze in the church. I have seen him many times around the Bay Area and he smokes like a friggin chimney, good example for the kids there Sean. He is such a scumbag he did an interview with Rolling Stone in some fancy restaraunt and he was drunk and still drinking at the table and instead of acting like a human being and going to the bathroom to piss he took a bottle off the table and pissed in it. Class act there you drunken fuck. I guess it isnt enough for him to go on Letterman or whatever TV show for publicity for his lameass movie he now makes appearances at funerals where there will be a news crew. Fucking whore. Hey Sean dont forget to prattle on about peace and your dislike of violence all the while you have a loaded weapon in your car oh wait it was TWO loaded weapons. SCUMBAG.

Friday, April 22, 2005

I agree with Rosie

Some of you have questioned why I bash Rosie. Well there are many many reasons but I do have to say I 100% agree with her on gay couples being allowed to have foster children. I mean they would go through background checks like any straight couple so what is the freaking harm????? These kids need a home with love and if a gay couple can provide that then more power to them. These are kids that are having a hard time in life and just need a place to call home and people to call family what does it matter if it is a man & a woman or a man & a man or a woman & a woman??? If they are going to love and care for them big fucking deal. They are not going to "recruit" them to the gay lifestyle if thats what people are afraid. They are going to love them and show them an alternative lifestyle that some people have a problem with but you know what they will be exposed to gay people anyhow. And once again if they are willing to feed shelter and love these kids what is the fucking harm????? People need to get over hating people who arent the same as them. I am a fairly conservative Republican who disgarees with Rosie about almost everything else but not this one. I am also 100% straight and don't think gays should marry but I do think civil unions with full benefits is perfectly fine.I also think gay adoption gay foster parents are 100% a ok with me. Rosie, on this one we agree. And I am not ashamed to say so!

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Why is it that these movie stars who march against guns preach against gun want the guns gone most all of them have bodyguards who carry guns and then pose for movie posters holding guns? If guns are bad they are bad period. I hate people who are do as I say not as I do, and that is what 99.9% of celebs do. What really cracks me up is when these asshats get together and cry about the environment and pollution then get in their bigass suvs or limos or private planes. Please people its called hypocrisy  and it is tired. I am sure there are some who actually practice as they preach but again 99.9% of them do not. Just a short list of some hypocrites Sean Penn: Peace loving war hating Sean Penn who drives around Berkeley with loaded guns HUH???? George Clooney hates guns yet has posed for numerous movie posters holding guns, calls the president a moron and yet he PRETENDS (and not very well I might add) for a living HUH???? Oh and the best one about Georgie is when he came out on his high horse when Princess Diana died and wanted to blame the paparazzi before all the facts were out. Turns out it was her drunken driver that killed her. Didn't make you stop drinking did it Georgie? Rosie O'Donnell REALLY hates guns yet has (or had) an ARMED bodyguard for her and the children she bought HUH???? Brad Pitt is all the sudden mr lets erase world debt and help the worlds poor, all noble causes mind you, but he does this while driving a range rover flying private jets and living in a 10+ million dollar house. And that is just one of his houses. HUH??? Help starts at home Brad why dont you donate some of your millions first and show everyone how it is done. Or invite some of the worlds poor to come live with you in your mansion since you are living alone these days.
.....More to come

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

April already

Man time flies. This year is going by fast.
I read on drudge that Arianna Huffington is going to have a website that will feature blogs of famous people. Some in ploitics and some in entertainment. It is supposed to be a political site. One of the bloggers is going to be Gwyneth Paltrow. Are they fucking serious??? Gwyneth Paltrow???? The priviledged daughter of a third rate director and a second rate actress??? What can she possibly add to any intelligent conversation? She pretends for a living for Christ's sake. What does she know about the real world? IS she going to give advice on stupid baby names? On bulimia? On being a phoney? She has not lived in the real world like ever. I just about ruptured something I laughed so hard at that. I also read that Warren Beatty would write a blog now I can understand that somewhat. He was not born a spoiled brat like Gwyn he has lived a long life. My problem with his blog would be... well have you ever heard him interviewed? Not exactly a quick thinker. I would read it though. I would for sure read it if he talked about all the hot chicks he banged and then could explain how he ended up married to a hag like Annette Benning. That dude used to get some hot chicks and then he went downhill. First with Madonna then marrying Annette BLECH.