Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Way to go media

You should be really proud of yourselves after the WV miner story. The main blame does go to the owner of the mine for not speaking out about the real truth for about 3 hours but the stupid LAZY media once again showed how very pathetic they are. They didnt bother to confirm the story nooooo they just wanted to be the first to air the "happy" news. The media is so lazy and sloppy these days it is beyond pathetic and this is just yet another prime example. The "news" people are so desperate to be part of the story themselves. Anderson Cooper acts like a schoolgirl and Geraldo Rivera acts like it is all about him. These people are pathetic. The newspapers are just as bad. They have so much hate and contempt for Bush that they will not check facts and do some homework if they feel they have a good story to hurt him. Case in point the NSA nonstory. They wet themselves because Bush spied on suspected terrorists and pontificated in all their holier than thou glory when lo and behold some bloggers and non lockstepping members of the media uncovered the fact that their precious Bill Clinton and that waste of flesh (and worst president ever) Jimmy Carter had done the EXACT same thing. They dont care though as long as it can somehow damage the President. They are inexcusable in their sloppiness and laziness and its just pathetic.


At 3:43 AM, Anonymous just my 2 cents said...

Exactly is all I can say. The media are ridiculous. They do not care about anyone. It's all about a story and who breaks it first. The people's lives they hurt are not even considered. If I were one of those families, I would sue the pants off of them. I hope this brings about some kind of change. They need to know they can't just go around doing what they want with no care about the effects on people's lives. It's not right. There is no freedom of press when it's sloppy and malicious. Just my opinion.

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Mommyof3 said...

I am wondering how long it will take for GWB to get blamed for this tragedy...I copied this from Rosie's blog for your reading pleasure - I don't know why I go there...Fruitgirl (nice name) said: "miner industry donated millions to current admin campaign
in turn got free pass to skip
correcting hundreds of saftey violations by paying small fines
which amount to mere inconveniences
when profitting multiple millions". Typical Rosie worshipping 'you are our voice' lemming. Soon they'll be screaming impeach over this, too. Pathetic.

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Brenda said...

They will blame GWB for anything. It is beyond sloppy and malicious.
I would love to see a member of the Bush family file a lawsuit against one of those nasty celebs for their remarks. I say sue Rosie FIRST!! Take that new boat away from her. wicked grin


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