Friday, October 28, 2005

The media are a bunch of freaking retards

and I mean no disrespect to retards by lumping the media in with you. The medias wet dream came true with the indictment of Scooter Libby. They are in such a glee fest that the STILL can't get the facts straight. Tim Russert of all people screeched with delight "This is significant, it's the first time in 130 years a White House official has been indicted." Uh wrong yet again media try looking at someone called Mike Espy or perhaps Henry Cisneros or Billy Dale or even go back so far as H R Haldeman. For Christ sakes get the fucking story right. I mean I get that this is like your fondest dream coming true but please try doing just a TINY bit of research. Why in the hell would I believe you about ANYTHING when you cant get the smallest of facts right??? Fuck you media.
Oh and I saw Leo DeCrapio on Oprah spouting off on global warming.Yeah this brainiac is a real expert of course he had that kiss ass Oprah eating out of his ass. This was probably after he got off a private plane into a limo. Yeah way to practice the typical liberal mantra of do as I say not as I do.And didnt fucktard Leo's movie "the beach" leave an island in tatters and full of a pollution??? Ah yeah Leo way to go.Why doesnt he preach to all his celeb pals with the private planes and uber liberal Norman Lear with his 20 car garage? Or Oprah with her limos and suvs and largest house in California? A big fuck you to Leo DeCrapio and Oprah too for fawning over this imbecile.


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