Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sept 11

4 years ago some muslim terrorist scumbags decided to kill innocent Americans and themselves. We all know they are in hell. Right where the rest of them belong. I remember after the attack thanking God that George Bush was our president and not Algore. I still feel that way. I thought the same after Katrina I was so glad Kerry wasnt president. I just wish we would kill that diaperhead piece of shit assama bin laden. Hopefully he is already dead. Of course now we have that worthless piece of crap jimmy carter saying we should let the terrorists in gitmo go. I say ok let them go, go and live with jimmy. There are certain things I would wish our government would do without having to explain it to a freaking journalist. Well I am sure there are some things. What has Nancy Pelosi done to her face now? I saw this beast on TV today and she has done something. It was bad enough that she was all botoxed up and hadnt blinked since the Reagan presidency. Now she looks like she is tighter than tupperware. Face it nancy you are ugly inside and out and no amount of botox or plastic surgery can change that. And once again I am tired of seeing the Governor of LA blasting the president for the hurricane when she dropped the ball big time. She is in serious cover her ass mode. ANd that mayor of NO what a complete dumbfuck he is. You look at Guliani after 9-11 and then you look at this complete asshat and the only thing they have in common is that they both were mayors. Guiliani showed nothing but class and grace under pressure which is a lesson that should be learned by both the mayor and governor of LA. These 2 fuckheads had warnings Guiliani had none just a chickenshit sucker punch from some worthless muslim terrorist scumbags. I hope Guiliani makes a run for president. I would like to see him in there. It would be great to have a fellow paisan as president : )


At 4:51 AM, Anonymous just my 2 cents said...

I was thinking the same thing after Katrina and 9/11. Could you imagine if Kerry were pres.? As for letting the prisoners out. Whatever... That is just ridiculous. Sometimes journalists amaze me. Is the camera sucking their brains out? I love how people think we should baby the prisoners, well I can tell you one thing if the roles were reversed and our guys were in their prisons, they would be dead. Sometimes, I think we should start showing them the same "courtesies" they show us. But, I know we are more "civilized" than that. Have a good day Marco..:)

At 10:30 AM, Blogger ballerinamommy said...

Did you catch the Flight 93 movie on Discovery Channel? It was chilling.......
All I know is that based on recent events, I have learned that I have to take care of myself and my family. I can't depend on the gov't to help me, which is how it should be anyway. People depend too much on gov't handouts.
Anyway, I like reading your blog -
Does Rosie not realize that Kanye West is a racist????

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous RC in the OK said...

The journalist do drive us nuts but here is what you need to remember. In the late 1800s we mistreated the Native Americans and thought it was ok. For decades we mistreated the blacks and thought it was ok. Some times it is important to double check ourselves. Just to make sure we aren't abusing for the wrong reasons. No one wants to repeat postcards of chard black americans (as in the Race Riot of Tulsa in the 20's).

At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Joyce said...


I don't quite understand your comment about abuse in regards to Marco's post... could you please elaborate a little more? I'm interested in what you have to say. Maybe I missed something?


At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Rc in the OK said...

Marco Said; "Of course now we have that worthless piece of crap jimmy carter saying we should let the terrorists in gitmo go. I say ok let them go, go and live with jimmy. There are certain things I would wish our government would do without having to explain it to a freaking journalist.".

My point, although not well made, is that the journalist should act as a check and balance system to our government. I, nor most people, do not have time to make sure we are not abusing the prisoners in gitmo. I would like the politicians and the people running the prison to do it, but as we all know, corruption abounds. So, if a journalist uncovers abuses, then we should look more closely and if we do in deed find problems, they should be corrected. Just because these people are at Gitmo does not mean we should treat them as animals. Some may not deserve to be there, we have made mistakes in the past when enprisioning (sp?) people.

At 6:21 PM, Blogger BennettMarco said...

Just my 2Cents= Abolutely and that is my point about these terrorists. I refuse to call them prisoners lets call them what they are TERRORISTS. My point is why should we show them any mercy I say torture their asses to get as much info to keep the USA safe as we can.I am not saying saw their heads off like they do to our people but if the do not cooperate I say torture them.
Ballerina= Yes I did catch that and you are right it was chilling. They bravery and calmness those heroes showed dealing with those worthless terrorists was mind blowing.Ro ro only believes what she is spoonfed from the left. She has no facts nor does she care to learn any she just spews off at the mouth with zero facts.
RC in theOK= There is no way to equate the treatment of blacks with how terrorists are being treated. These scumbags want to kill all of us black white etc. they should be shown no mercy and if we have to torture them to get info I say have at it.We are NOT discriminating against a whole race of people like was done to the blacks. These are people who are terrorists there is a big difference.I would rather have 1 person of arab descent be in prison unjustly than to have 20 out there who would kill my family. Sorry but a lot of people would agree with me.

At 8:16 PM, Anonymous joyce said...

If I may be so bold to brag:

This article about my cousin was in my hometown paper today. I'm very proud. (Joan is my sister, Joseph is my Dad; he got in a plug about my brother, too).

At 9:09 PM, Blogger badgerbob said...

I agree! Let them out!

But first,they should be infected with a few contagious diseases and be flown back to their insurgent counterparts, where they in turn can all die a horrible death.

As long as we continue to play nice and use a "turn the other cheek strategy", to placate the muslims and communists living within our borders, then our cheek will continue to be slapped.

At 1:03 AM, Anonymous joyce said...

Blech. It's now a day late and you have to register to read the article I posted earlier, so here's the text. My family rocks. :) Thanks, Marco, for letting me share.

NL Native Weathers Tough Job

Coast Guard Capt. Frank Paskewich, took over as commander of the newly organized Sector New Orleans, which encompasses most of Louisiana and Mississippi only 11 days before Hurricane Katrina wiped out much of the coastline he oversees.

Day Staff Writer, Navy/Defense/Electric Boat
Published on 9/13/2005

New London native Frank Paskewich didn't get much time to settle into his new job.

On Aug. 18, Paskewich, a Coast Guard captain, took command of the newly organized Sector New Orleans, which encompasses most of Louisiana and Mississippi. Eleven days later, Hurricane Katrina wiped out much of the coastline he oversees.

Since then, Paskewich has been coordinating rescue, recovery and security operations from the decks of cutters, the cockpits of helicopters and only rarely from his temporary office in Metairie, La.

Paskewich has been mentioned numerous times in news articles about the storm, which is how some family members learned he had made it through Katrina safely.

“We were nervous about how he and his family were making out, and when we ‘Googled' his name, we got like 200 hits,” said his cousin, Joan Paskewich of New London. “We were so proud, but so worried at the same time.”

“It's very exciting, but I'm not surprised — he's the type of guy who has always aspired to take charge, and he seems to thrive on situations like this,” said John J. “Jack” Paskewich of New London, an older brother.

“We've had a couple of late-night chats about 2 in the morning,” said Paskewich's oldest brother, James Paskewich, himself a retired Coast Guard captain living in Florida. “I'm pretty damned proud of him. The Coast Guard just seems to be doing an incredible job down there.”

“I think he's getting about two hours sleep a night,” James Paskewich said. “He and his people have really risen to the occasion.”

Paskewich's mother, Maude Paskewich of Groton, said she hasn't heard from him since the storm hit.

“Everything I know comes from reading the papers — he's working around the clock, so I haven't had much chance to talk to him,” Maude Paskewich said. She said she was reluctant to talk about him too much, other than to say that he loves being in the Coast Guard and has mentioned before that he has a great team to tackle any issue.

“He's kind of a low-key person, and I don't know that he wants a lot of publicity,” she said. “He just thinks he's doing his job. He loves being in the Coast Guard.”

Family members said that in addition to “Frankie” being in the middle of the recovery effort, his wife, Leah, a nurse, has been helping people displaced by the storm, including members of their service — an estimated 2,200 Coast Guard families were left homeless by Katrina. Their children, Caitie and Erik, are staying with her parents in a town west of New Orleans.

In addition to the two brothers, both graduates of the Coast Guard Academy, Paskewich has a cousin, Richard Butchka, who graduated from the academy before them. Butchka was a helicopter pilot whose tours including a year in Vietnam. He retired as a captain.

Frank Paskewich was born in New London, the son of a deputy police chief with the same name. He was an honor student through high school, played soccer and was a class officer his senior year, said his uncle, Joseph Paskewich, a former New London police officer and director of parks and recreation.

“He was quite proud of his brother when he went to the academy, and I think he wanted to do something that he could be proud of as well,” said Joseph Paskewich, whose son, Joseph, is pastor of Calvary Chapel in Montville and is now in New Orleans working with storm victims.

Frank Paskewich has spent about half of his 24-year career working in New Orleans, which is one of the reasons he was tapped to become first commander of Sector New Orleans.

“He has such a grasp of the industry and the people, and what's important down there,” James Paskewich said. “If I had to hand-pick someone to go and be in charge of this, I'd have picked my brother.”

In their last talk, he said, they discussed the fact that the Coast Guard role in the areas hit by Katrina is shifting from search-and-rescue and security patrols to pollution control and reconstructing the port, which could stretch long beyond the two- or three-year tour his brother will do commanding Sector New Orleans.

“The job is not going to go away,” James Paskewich said. “Plus he has to look after his own people. Some of his stations were damaged, and a lot of his people have lost their homes. He's going to have his hands full for his whole tour.”

© The Day Publishing Co., 2005
For home delivery, please call 1-866-846-9099

At 7:10 AM, Anonymous RC in the OK said...

Wow Joyce, you must be so proud! Congrats to your family and most of all, thank them for all their hard work!

Bennett, I guess we'll have to disagree on this prisoner (or terrorist as you chose to call them) issue. Part of me wants to compare this to every other mistreatment our country has done (Japanese during WWII). I googled this issue to educate myself a bit more before I posted again. 7% of the 500 prisioners have been found to not be enemies of the state. While that is not a huge percent, it is still unfortunate that those people were captured and robbed of their freedoms because our country can not find a way to make sure these people are truly enemies of the state.

That being said, any person who IS found to be an enemy should be tortured for any and all information they hold. But, first, we should hold trials and do so like a civilized country.

At 10:47 AM, Blogger badgerbob said...

Rc, what civilized country should we be like??? Because our country was founded on bloodshed and killing. Maybe you think we should be like France??

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous RC in the OK said...

BadgerBob, But see, that's just it. Our country was founded on bloodshed. Our founding fathers created our constitution to help prevent further bloodshed -- to "civilize us". I realize we had terrible bloodshed after the constitution was formed and that's my point, let's learn from this. Let's not repeat our errors. In this case, let's be sure these people in guatanamo bay are truly enemies of the state before we kill them all.

At 11:46 PM, Blogger badgerbob said...

You talk about us being civilized? What happened in New Orleans? We are savages ,and we revert to being savages, whenever we feel threatened. We prove this time and time again.
It is a primal instinct, that we all have inside us.
The constitution was founded long before the american indian was starved, given disease ridden blankets, and had his lands taken from him. It was also founded before the civil war, which killed thousands of us civilized americans.
Treating those prisoners well does not set an example. It just makes us look weak in their eyes.

At 8:08 PM, Blogger BennettMarco said...

Badgerbob= You make me laugh my friend!
Joyce= That is great! Great family you have there.
RcintheOK= What we did to the Japanese in ww2 was wrong. Big difference here is we are NOT rounding up ALL arabs and taking their 711's homes land and businesses away. We are rounding up suspected TERRORISTS. BIG difference,


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