Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sept 1

It has been awhile but I have been on vacation. Did a lot of traveling in my SUV. Talked to lots of people on my travels and one subject that always came up was Cindy Sheehan. Most people I talked to thought she was a loon. They sympathized with her but thought she was nuts. That is a thought I agree with. She is driven by far far leftist forces and has bought into their propaganda. She now marches lockstep with the leftists loons. She cannot be taken seriously or even genuinely. She is scripted. And wasn't I right about the media whores coming out to get their face time in front of the mindless media??? Who showed up but Rev Al Sharpton a man who never met a camera he didnt like. I was expecting the whore of all media whores Jesse Jerkson to show up but he was down in South America sucking Hugo Chavezs ass. Funny how he wants everyone to forgive him for calling New York hymietown but he has said he cant forgive Pat Robertson for saying we should assassinate   Hugo Chavez. Pat is a jerk no doubt but it wasnt a bad idea it just shouldnt be announced it should just be carried out.

On to Katrina. What a terrible tragedy. I do have to say I am so sick and tired of the media and some politicians somehow trying to blame all this on Bush."He didnt get down there fast enough" and if he had rushed right down there it would have been" Why did he come down here so soon? He is in the way" "Its just a photo op" And somehow they try and blame the fact that the government in Louisiana was completely unprepared and stalled.I would be pissed if I lived there. They had what 4 days of warnings. Why didnt they have buses to take the poor and elderly out? Why didnt they have a place OUTSIDE of New Orleans set up for all the displaced? This is NOT the fault of Pres. Bush this is the fault of local politicians and the governor. Bush cant visit until the area is somewhat stabilized and if he did visit it would just be chaos. I think Friday is too early to visit. I am also sick of hearing about his 4 week vacation. I do not think ANY president is truly ever on vacation. I didnt hear this outcry why the Clintons were hobnobbing in the Hamptons. Besides the fact that congress and the senate arent in town anyhow. All the Senators & Congressmen are also on vacation.Once again people it was the job of the STATE government to have a plan and take action the FEDERAL government comes in AFTER and after they are CALLED in by the STATE government. So if you are somehow going to blame this on Bush please then also give him credit for every sunny day and everyday without a hurricane.


At 7:08 PM, Anonymous just my 2 cents said...

Exactly is all I can say about this blog. I was just saying these exact things to some friends before I checked in to see if you had written anything. People are crazy. This is a tragedy. But, why did the state not do anything? They know that once a hurricane gets into the gulf its going to hit. There is no where else for it to go. Its like a cheerio swirling around in a bowl of milk. They could have helped their people get out of there before hand. It's sad. But what we are seeing on the news is only what they want us to see. Like always.

At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Joyce said...

At this point, I really AM disgusted. I mean, we can airlift and drop supplies to the tsunami victims in 2 days, and 5 fucking days later, we still had nothing to our OWN PEOPLE??? Ack. I'm pretty frustrated myself. And why the hell wasn't martial law set into motion as soon as those sick TERRORISTS crawled out from under their rocks, looting, shooting the very ones trying to help them, raping, destroying whatever is left to's fucking disgusting. Shoot on sight and shoot to kill. I'll be DAMNED if they are taken prisoner and a drop of water or morsel of food is given to them BEFORE those innocent people waiting and suffering to get food or water ... and that's exactly what would happen. The prisoners would be fed first because they are captive. You know ... that "humanity" thing. Fuck that. These terrorists aren't human. It makes me sick.

What makes me ALMOST as sick (ok, close to EQUALLY sick) is Rosie's blog for the past two days. I won't even go the comments section because I don't want to read what these stupid, idiotic, media-influenced, Rosie butt-sniffers have to rant about with their lousy grammar, second-grade spelling, and multiple posts of blather and bullshit.

Regardless, it's just a mess all around. But help has finally arrived. Let's concentrate on the rescue efforts, and on restoring order.There will be PLENTY of time to point the finger, trust me. Then we can have an all-out bitch session. I'll be ready!

Thanks for your blog ... it's challenging, honest, right on the money, and much appreciated.

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Willow said...

Marco, I agree that blaming the President is not the answer, although I don't thing the federal officials running FEMA seemed to grasp the severity of the situation. They fucked up. So did the local government as you suggested.

They had days to evacuate the city to another place, not to another place in the city, but to another place in the state or out of state. They did not, and the resulting disaster left people trapped, suffering and dying.

At 6:56 PM, Blogger BennettMarco said...

Just my 2 Cents== Yep the state failed its citizens miserably. That cannot be pointed out enough.

Joyce===You are welcome stop by and comment any time even if you disagree. True ro ro site is infested with butt sniffing lemmings who simply cannot think for themselves. I only go there for a laugh and to stir the nitwits up.

Willow=== Very true. This whole thing will be overanalized in the weeks and months to come. Their will be plenty of finger pointing but lets just hope their are real solutions and lessons learned from this.

At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would be really interested to hear your overall view on Canada.


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