Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Some more thoughts

Muslim terrorist die a horrible death you piles of shit and don't take anyone else with you......unless it is another worthless piece of shit muslim terrorist . Since my last posting was so well received I thought I would expand some on that. I really wish the terrorist muslim scumbags would just all kill themselves,without killing any innocent bystanders.They serve no purpose on this earth and are the very definition of a waste of skin. I wish we could just nuke them all, not the innocent muslims just the shit infested terrorists.
Am I a bad person because I am tired of hearing about Natalie Hollaway? I mean it sucks that she is missing and it sucks for her family but do we have to hear about it 24/7? I know these "news" shows have lots of time to fill but come on I am sure there are tons of stories out there. There are plenty of missing kids right here in the USA. Show some of them the attention this girl is getting.
Again I say, I want there to be a law that kills all child molestors. I do not believe they serve any purpose in living and breathing the same air as the children they have harmed. Kill them all and lets be done with it. And while I am talking about killing people for justice, I do think they death penalty should be carried out immediately after a conviction with DNA evidence or a confession. If it is clear someone killed someone then put them in a room right off the courtroom and put a bullet in their head. Of course this would never happen in my state, California, because we have that piece of shit bitch Barbara Boxer as a senator and she has a loud mouth. Oh and we have that non blinking bitch Nancy Pelousy, man that lady is a fright to look at. I am serious I do not think she has blinked since the Reagan presidency. Why is there a death penalty if it is rarely carried out?
Why the fuck is Larry King still on the air? The dude has about as much energy as a slug in coma. His show is horrid to watch unless you are watching for the sheer comedy of it. He mumbles when he asks a question and has never given a tough interview in his life. You can tell he is just showing up for the money. Hell with 6 ex wives I guess he will work until they close the lid on his coffin. Of course he just might sleep in a coffin everynight judging by the looks of him.


At 6:25 PM, Blogger ICantStandYa said...

You Sir, are one sick, deviant, loud-mouthed, racist mental-midget.

Just kidding Marco. I love your blog and I love how you seethe with raw anger and pschosis.

Myself I Can't Stand terrorists, child molestors, or those stupid guys that wear molestor mustaches and wife-beater undershirts.

At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Jacob said...

Dude, your killing me. I happen to be white guy who's gay and living in a muslim neighborhood, which makes me a very unpopular person. Because I also have red-hair, which they consider the mark of the beast, I'm in a lot of trouble. If they hear about your blog and read what you write, then they'll be coming after my ass.

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when was red hair considered the mark of the beast? You're a moron. If you watched more horror movies, you'd know that 666 is the tattoo to avoid.

MarcoBennett, love your blog man!

At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Heywood said...

Hey Marco, if you need any advice on how to handle your anger or some muslims that have you in their sights, give me a shout and I'll be glad to help you out.

That also goes for Jacob, who with the red-hair and all, must be desperate for help.


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