Saturday, May 28, 2005

What is wrong with.....

Tom Cruise? Holy crap did you see this dude complete moron make a total ass out of himself on Oprah? Dude is in serious need of some help. I know he's a scientologist and doesn't believe in psychiatry but he could use some right about now. He is a complete mental case.Someone needs to do an intervention the dude is whacked out. If he needs to act like that just because he is dating a girl then I am sorry the rumors are true just come out already and quit making an ass out of yourself. It was scary to watch and I feel sorry for his kids because that was just downright embarrassing. The guy has always come off weird in interviews but that was just a freaking freak show. Katie Holmes run for your life honey.

Paula Abdul? What the hell is she on? Is she drunk or on drugs or just retarded? She sounds like she is drunk and she cannot string together 2 sentences without slurring her words.I understand having to be drunk to listen to some of those people sing and to have to hear that idiot Randy Jackson say dawg every 2 words but still Paula honey you are getting paid to do that. Another person in need of an intervention.

Barry Bonds? Dude just get out of baseball you are a cheating disgrace. Your records mean nothing because you cheated to get them. Same goes for Mark McGuire. Barry get lost you are a scumbag.

Oliver Stone? Dude you are 58 freaking years old that is FAR too old to still be doing drugs and getting blitzed. For God's sake have some freaking sense and do not get behind the wheel all lit up. Once again YOU ARE 58 YEARS OLD grow the fuck up.

Howard Stern? Now I know the guy at heart is a big crybaby but to get all offended because someone did a piece on he & his girlfriend titled beauty and the beast. He went crazy the next day on the show and wanted pictures of the guy who anchored the piece wife and children and the publicist etc. It was lame. First off to call his girlfriend a beauty is a big stretch and Howard is in no way good looking but he is hardly a beast. What's the matter Howie you can dish out but not take it? I used to listen to him all the time but he has become a major kissass. He had Timmy Robbins on his show the other day. Is that the sameTimmy Robbins you used to bash and make fun of? Along with his hag Susan Sarandon? Yeah it is, but now he has that huge nose way up timmys ass. It was disgusting. Howie used to have the best celeb interviews because didn't kiss ass and would ask question everyone wanted to know the answers to. Now he is just a suck fest and a kiss ass. He is a bigger kiss ass than Leno and Arsenio Hall combined What happened to you Howie?


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