Tuesday, April 26, 2005

People I like

Someone, quite fairly, asked if there was anyone I did like. Well of course. And I will list them. First let me state again the whole reason for my blog. It is to call out hypocrisy. And where is the most hypocrisy coming from? Well hollywood of course the world of " Do as I say not as I do" The land of priviledged people who pretend for a living. People ask if I am jealous of them. Uh that would be a negative. I would never want that lifestyle the money maybe but I do have some of that myself. Do I hate these people? No there are very few people of earth that I hate and no one in Hollywood is worth that emotion. I actually just laugh when I think of these people. How phony and how shallow they are. They know what they do is worthless and that is why the have an award show every other week to award their shallow little heads and empty hearts. Yes I know I am generalizing and there are actually some decent people in Hollywood but by and large they are just phony hypocrites. Anyway here are some people I like and admire in no order.
Angelina Jolie I admire her because she doesn't bash for cash she puts her heart where her mouth is. She helps people without bashing others and without begging for money and not giving herself. She is a pretty selfless person and that is rare in Hollywood. She does good things even when there isnt a camera rolling. She does not do it for publicity only. Unlike Brad Pitt George Clooney Julia Roberts etc. Ooops this wasn't supposed to be about people I dont like. My bad.

Patricia Heaton I admire because she dares to say she is a conservative and that she is pro life. I am personally pro choice but I certainly admire her guts to say what she says out loud in that town. Kudos to you Patricia.You are a brave woman.

Charlton Heston pretty much for the same reason above. He was proudly conservative in a town that is 90% liberal and he wasn't afraid of the consequences.

Shirley MacLaine Here is a woman who also doesnt give a crap about what mainstream Hollywood thinks. She put her odd ( to some) ideas and thoughts out there and took a lot of heat for it but I admire her for that. She lives her life how she wants and doesnt conform to Hollywood's phony bullshit. I admire that.

There are more lots more but I must go walk my dog now......
To be continued


At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Maxxie said...

I have been lurking on your sight. I have appreciated your honesty on your blog and posts on Ro Ros's Blog! I love her comedy, but what makes her so good at comedy makes her a knee-jerk reactionary and horrible actress...

I just noticed that you have no comments when your blog is positive. I came from a family where we all saw things as the "glass is half-full." But now and then I do appreciate letting off some steam, and exposing some of the craziness that some people think is normal. You are funny,and articulate and I guess that humor will keep you out of therapy. Oops! That didn't work For Ro-Ro or Richard Lewis...


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