Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I think Rosie is insane

Have you read her blogs? I think she is very very disturbed. I feel sorry for her kids and no not because she is gay I couldnt care less about that its because I believe she is insane. She can't spell and rambles like an isane woman. Good thing her blinding hatred of George W Bush powers her every thought zzzzzzzzz so played out Ro.She needs to grow the fuck up and get some professional help. If she is getting some now she needs to get more maybe she needs to lock herself away for a stretch at a mental health facility. She wishes cancer on those she doesnt like hmmm sounds very much like Howard Stern. Crazyyyyyyyy. She should get a 2 for one deal and take sean "the pacifist who carries loaded guns on him" penn in with her. That dude is totally insane. He pisses in a bottle at a fancy restaraunt while being interviewed crazyyyyyyyy. I have seen him in person and he reeks of beer and cigarettes. He lives in the bay area and so do I. I have seen him out and about and he is always smoking crazyyyyyyy. If he is so peace loving why the need to carry SEVERAL LOADED weapons???? Crazyyyy. And dude while you are getting mental help see if you can find a sense of humor. He made an ass out of himself at the Oscars so think skinned.


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