Thursday, March 10, 2005

First one

Well here goes here is my first attempt at bloggery. I am not insane like rosie odonnell. Man what happened to her? She has lost it. She needs to be institutionalized. It is sad really because at one time she was really funny. She did an HBO special that was killer funny but now she is a total buzzkill. Get some help lady you need LOTS of it.
Lets not even get started on michael "kid toucher" jackson that dude has lost it and aint ever getting it back. He is a mess. He is giving comedians their salary there is SOOOOO much to work with there. Why didnt bubbles do to mikey what those chimps in Bakersfield do to that dude? I guess we cant get that lucky.
Why is it that these people with tons of money after to turn into isane babling idiots? See the above examples of rosie and mikey and there are tons more.
What is the deal with that douche sean penn? Does he have a stick up his ass or what? Dude does not have a sense of humor and he is a thin skinned weasel. Can he even make a movie that is watchable anymore? I feel sorry for his kids nah not really they will get daddys money when he corks from lung cancer or cirrhosis.
Don't worry I will be back for more.  


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