Wednesday, April 06, 2005

April already

Man time flies. This year is going by fast.
I read on drudge that Arianna Huffington is going to have a website that will feature blogs of famous people. Some in ploitics and some in entertainment. It is supposed to be a political site. One of the bloggers is going to be Gwyneth Paltrow. Are they fucking serious??? Gwyneth Paltrow???? The priviledged daughter of a third rate director and a second rate actress??? What can she possibly add to any intelligent conversation? She pretends for a living for Christ's sake. What does she know about the real world? IS she going to give advice on stupid baby names? On bulimia? On being a phoney? She has not lived in the real world like ever. I just about ruptured something I laughed so hard at that. I also read that Warren Beatty would write a blog now I can understand that somewhat. He was not born a spoiled brat like Gwyn he has lived a long life. My problem with his blog would be... well have you ever heard him interviewed? Not exactly a quick thinker. I would read it though. I would for sure read it if he talked about all the hot chicks he banged and then could explain how he ended up married to a hag like Annette Benning. That dude used to get some hot chicks and then he went downhill. First with Madonna then marrying Annette BLECH.


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