Sunday, March 20, 2005

Let me be fair

Ok it was pointed out to me that I was picking on Rosie for being crazy. I think that is true. I do think she has some serious mental issues but there are other that are just as nuts and maybe more so. So in fairness here I go.
Barry Bonds absolutely nuts. If you disgaree then you did not see his press confernce about steroids. Well he never actually talked about steroids he talked about Sanford and Son and poor barry balco bonds being the victim of racism. I laugh at that thought. Now I am in no way saying racism does not exist but barry balco bonds is not the victim of it. How many mansions does he own? How many millions of dollars does he have in the bank? Yeah barry poor you.
Sean Penn without a doubt is insane. Besides the obvious lack of any sense of humor ( see the oscars) the guy cries about the violence of war yet carries around loaded guns. Guns that were stolen from his car that have killed who knows how many people. Mr class act penn also pisses in a booze bottle at the table of a fancy restaraunt while being interviewed.He wont be living long he smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish.
Tim Robbins maybe not insane but dillusional. Cries about there being no freedom of speech while speaking freely uh duh there timmy boy.
Bill O'Reilly def insane. Always "looking out for the folks" but yet settles a sexuall harrassment case out of court so he could continue to "look out for the folks". Yeah right there billy boy.
To be continued......


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