Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday the 18th

That piece of shit who killed that little girl in Florida needs to die. Painfully and slowly. He is an animal and needs to be put down. He is of no use to society. Same with ALL child molestors and that includes you Michael Jackson king of pedophiles.
The steroid hearings. Man what as ass Mark McGuire is " I am not here to talk about the past" Uh yeah you are dumbass. And where the hell was the BIGGEST cheater of all time barry balco bonds?? That piece of crap has pretty much skated through this whole thing. Who holds the single season HR record? No not barry No not mcguire ROGER MARIS. Those other two are pretnders to the throne and arent fit to carry rogers moldy jock. And barry will not be breaking Babe Ruth or Henry Aarons records he is cheating he has no record he is a liar and cheater and a wife beater. He dserves nothing but scorn. Bud Selig is a load and is a disgrace to baseball. Don Fehr the union is rep is just as bad if not worse. Baseball has been tarnished by all these fools. What the hell is wrong with people? Cheating is cheating no matter if you are punished by your employer or not. Throw out the records.


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