Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sean Penn is a scumbag

Has there ever been a bigger scumbag than Sean Penn??? This dude is a total whore. I just saw on the news that he attended the funeral services for Marla Ruzicka the chick who was killed in Iraq. She was an activist who tried to aid Iraqi victims of the war. Noble cause on all that but what the fuck was Sean Penn doing there? Hmm lets see he has a movie opening this weekend and he got publicity for being there. To me that is totally scummy. He doesnt know the chick but he gets up to yap at her funeral when I am sure there were more eloquent ( not hard to beat Sean there) speakers. Dude is such a filthy scumbag. I wonder if he smoked during the service and had a bottle of booze in the church. I have seen him many times around the Bay Area and he smokes like a friggin chimney, good example for the kids there Sean. He is such a scumbag he did an interview with Rolling Stone in some fancy restaraunt and he was drunk and still drinking at the table and instead of acting like a human being and going to the bathroom to piss he took a bottle off the table and pissed in it. Class act there you drunken fuck. I guess it isnt enough for him to go on Letterman or whatever TV show for publicity for his lameass movie he now makes appearances at funerals where there will be a news crew. Fucking whore. Hey Sean dont forget to prattle on about peace and your dislike of violence all the while you have a loaded weapon in your car oh wait it was TWO loaded weapons. SCUMBAG.


At 5:50 PM, Blogger RO said...

marco - polo
did u play that game as a kid

i am not playing myself in the movie
although this character is most like me
of all i have played

so sean
money success and oscar
he followsw
where his heart and brain lead him
he is against war
as am i
he says it with every pore of his being
putting all he has at stake

hsi father survived the blacklist
by not casting false accusations
against innocent friends
he learned from a champ

y do u have such rage towards him
surely he gets some credit
for being real
flawed like the rest
unafraid to show it

be is so very brave
and more passionate than most

my sister feels as u do
not me
i know sean penn is a hero

At 7:23 PM, Blogger BennettMarco said...

Thanks for visiting ro. Marco polo hmm how orginal no wonder you don't do comedy anymore. I have no idea what your movie is about but I saw an ad for it in People magazine and you just looked like you so I wondered....
I have no rage towards sean penn I feel nothing for him. I am just sick of all those hollywood hypocrites. I use my blog to call them on it. So big fucking deal he won an oscar that means nothing. Julia Roberts has one and shes about the worst actress out there. Gena Rowlands doesnt have one and she is just about the best actress out there. So oscar dont mean dick. Sean is a gun toting drunk. He is not to be admired. Your sister rocks if she agrees with me. Is she hot? : )

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

I just saw Sean in The Interpeter this past weekend. He is an awesome actor. You may not like him, but I have admired his work for years.

He gets into his roles and just is what he plays at the time.

I try to leave politics out of the performance. He has been directing, instead of being in front of the camera and I have missed him.

I believe that his wife and age have tamed his tantrums. I also believe he is a better person than he used to be.

It has become the norm for actors to become politically active, and I don't believe all that comes out of their mouths. But, I do believe that they have every right to speak their mind like everybody else.

I may not always agree, but that is America. Can't hate the acting cuz of the politics. Actually, we can, but why bother. We are certain to hear more in the next few years.

Acting is pretend. And Sean does it best. As far as movies go.

Nancy Epstein

At 7:40 AM, Blogger BennettMarco said...

I do not like Sean Penn that is correct. I think he is a horrible human being. As for him being a great pretender ah there are far better. Morgan Freeman Gene Hackman Robert Duvall Al Pacino Johnny Depp to name a few. If he appealed to me as an actor I could easily leave his politics out of it. That is not a problem for me at all. As far as him being tamed uh no the gun incident happened less than 2 years ago. The pissing in a bottle probably about 5. I absolutely agree that he can speak his mind as much as he wants any person can but then so can I. And I choose to call people on their hypocrisy. I thank you for visiting and your comments.


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