Saturday, April 16, 2005


Why is it that these movie stars who march against guns preach against gun want the guns gone most all of them have bodyguards who carry guns and then pose for movie posters holding guns? If guns are bad they are bad period. I hate people who are do as I say not as I do, and that is what 99.9% of celebs do. What really cracks me up is when these asshats get together and cry about the environment and pollution then get in their bigass suvs or limos or private planes. Please people its called hypocrisy  and it is tired. I am sure there are some who actually practice as they preach but again 99.9% of them do not. Just a short list of some hypocrites Sean Penn: Peace loving war hating Sean Penn who drives around Berkeley with loaded guns HUH???? George Clooney hates guns yet has posed for numerous movie posters holding guns, calls the president a moron and yet he PRETENDS (and not very well I might add) for a living HUH???? Oh and the best one about Georgie is when he came out on his high horse when Princess Diana died and wanted to blame the paparazzi before all the facts were out. Turns out it was her drunken driver that killed her. Didn't make you stop drinking did it Georgie? Rosie O'Donnell REALLY hates guns yet has (or had) an ARMED bodyguard for her and the children she bought HUH???? Brad Pitt is all the sudden mr lets erase world debt and help the worlds poor, all noble causes mind you, but he does this while driving a range rover flying private jets and living in a 10+ million dollar house. And that is just one of his houses. HUH??? Help starts at home Brad why dont you donate some of your millions first and show everyone how it is done. Or invite some of the worlds poor to come live with you in your mansion since you are living alone these days.
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