Saturday, May 21, 2005

Random Thoughts

Still recovering from seeing Sadamn in his tighty whiteys blech what a sight. Let me get this straight there is an uproar because he is photographed in his underwear alive well fed etc but there is no uproar when those muslim animals post photos of people with guns pointed at their heads and being beheaded? What the fuck is that about? Now when I say muslim animals I am not referring to the majority of muslims just the filthy animals who are terrorists and kill our people. And even if the koran flushing down the toilet story were true so the fuck what? Where was the outrage when some spoiled American artist put a crucifix in pig urine? Oh wait thats "art". My ass thats art. Way to go Newsweek on being a disgrace to journalism now go join Dan rather in the hall of shame right next to Jayson Blair CNN et al.

So Tom Cruise is in super hetero mode going everywhere with his "girlfriend" Katie Holmes. Dude if you have to go on every show and announce you are dating a girl uhhh something is very wrong. Just come out and be happy.

The new star wars is out big effing yawn. I saw the original 3 and the first one of this series but to tell the truth they just bore me now. The 2 people they have as the lead Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman couldnt act their way into a 3rd grade play. They are horrid. They belong on my terrible actor list along with Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, George Clooney,Sharon Stone, Tom Cruise, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Mathew Perry, Steve Seagal, Robin Williams, Warren Beatty, Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner, Tom Arnold,Melanie Griffith,Alec Baldwin, Patrick Swayze,Leonardo De Caprio, Goldie Hawn, Michael Douglas, Meg Ryan, Helen Hunt, Matt Damon & Ben Affleck. I am sure there are more but at the moment that is all I can come up with. And dont give that bullshit that some of them won an oscar. Julia Roberts has an oscar for God's sake and Gena Rowlands does not..... case closed class dismissed.



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