Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cindy Sheehan tool of the left

I am not sure what this lady expects. She wants a meeting with President Bush or should I say ANOTHER meeting with him. She and the press act like there was no meeting ever. Well there was and she was very complimentary about President Bush. Then she aligned herself with the whackjob liberals and now all of the sudden Bush bad, meeting bad. Funny how a little press attention can give one amnesia. This woman is in serious need of some mental help. Even her family is distancing themselves from her. Now all the media whores who love to be wherever a camera is are suddenly flocking to Crawford.Anything for some attention. Michael Moore has hitched to her bandwagon surprise surprise. Her son signed up VOLUNTARILY for the service and I also believe he re upped all on his own. This woman is a disgrace. Now she is chanting the liberal cry of getting Israel out of Palestine.... huh??? And if Bush made the mistake of meeting with her AGAIN it would not be good enough. She would still have negative things too say... unlike after her first meeting with him when she had positive things to say. And then you would hear oh well it took him -- days to meet with her. Nothing he could do would be good enough for this woman and her followers. She has become an attention whore and she really does seem out of her mind and it aint from grief. Her other son has pleaded with her to come home but there are no cameras there so why would she? I think Pres Bush should just continue to ignore this whack job. It will be interesting to see what celebs and fading politcal stars hitch their wagons to this for some free publicity. I wonder how long it will be until Jesse Jerkson is down there. Lets have some real media coverage of this and not the usual wehategeorgewbush bias. She is also saying she will not pay her taxes because her son died hmmm I wonder if she gave back the money she got for him being KIA??? Thats a question the media should be asking instead of following her around like the lapdogs they are.


At 3:26 PM, Anonymous just my 2 cents said...

I'm torn really. I do feel for this woman. I feel for all of the families, but I am from a military town and whenever they interview the spouse or mother of these soldiers, it's always about how brave they were and how they loved their job and their country. It's not blaming. I think it's almost defaming her sons name. I feel the media is all over this for the wrong reasons. It's not about her or her son. It's about making Bush look bad.

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous P Detty Diddy's Sister said...

Well said Marco!!!!

At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Joyce said...

She is defaming his name. She's totally slapped her son in the face by making his brave sacrifice meaningless in her eyes. She makes me sick.


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