Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Been awhile

Went on vacation to Vegas for a week. Had a great time. So much and so little has happened. The liberals are all stuck in the same annoying rut. Blame blame blame. If I hear one more crazyass lib saying impeach Bush I will bitchslap them myself. Impeach him for what? Idiots. Its finally getting out how corruprt and retarded the Mayor of New Orleans and the Gov are. Its about time. Finally also getting out about the untruth about babies getting raped and all that in New Orleans too. God forbid the media actually investigates something on their own and just rehashes some spoonfed unchecked story.
I am already sick of the potential candidates for President in 2008. Fuck why do they have to start so damned early. I am so sick of seeing Hillary in her pious I am so much better than all of you poses and why is she the go to person for any quote on anything. I understand why they should go to Teddy Killer Kennedy because he is either drunk or hungover and Robert Byrd is probably practicing his hangman noose for his next KKK rally but why Hillary. I suppose she is better than that nasty botoxed hag Nancy Pelosi or the always shrill and pointless Barbara Boxer. How about going to someone with some common sense like Dianne Feinstein?
And while we are on nasty plastic surgery (Nancy Pelosi) what the fuck did Meg Ryan do to her face and why? Its not like she is old and hagged like Susan Sarandon who I might add had some very good work done because she looks good. Meg is only in her 40s and looks like a surprised duck. Oh and would it kill these people to eat once in awhile? Or are they too cracked out? That Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan are horrid looking. They look like freaking skeletons. Eat a couple times of day girls. One of these fools is going to die one day just to look the skinniest. Does anyone really like the skeleton look? No one I know does.


At 7:53 AM, Anonymous just my 2 cents said...

Too funny Marco. Driving in my car today , listening to the radio, I heard Hilary Duff and I started thinking the same thing about these pathetically skinny girls. Hilary "used" to be the normal looking girl and now she is too skinny too if you ask me. This is what my little ones have to look at? Breaks my heart. My 10 year old already thinks she needs to excercise all the time. She plays sports, but she has a sports body. She will never look like that and I don't want her too. Sad. Sad. Sad.


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