Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oct 26

So somehow some dumbascraps are barking about how now they want this Fitzgerald dude to impeach president Bush. What the fuck? I guess they are still pissed Bubba got impeached and want to make up some shit so it can happen to Bush. Even for dumbascraps thats stretching it.I wonder what the dumbascraps that are lauding Fitzgerald now will say if there are no indictments? Personally it does not matter to me either way.
I see that media whore of the moment cindy sheehan is going to chain herself to the shitehouse fence everday in the hopes of getting her ugly face on the news everynight. Face it cindy your message like certain parts of your body has gone dry. Now you go to this pathetic measure to get more of your ugly mug on camera. You are a disgrace. Did you get this idea from media whore extraordinaire mikey moore?
Did you see what the unbiased media did to the photo of Condi Rice??? They only corrected it AFTER some bloggers busted them on it. Is it any wonder no one trusts the media? Way to go you fucks at USA Today nice "journalism" there way to be unbiased. Fucking sad.

Do they hate her that much just because they think she might run against their precious hillary? They are beyond pathetic.

Woah I just heard that Jeb Bush took responsibilty for the slow response to hurricane victims in Florida. Wow how rare. Maybe that screaming harpy of a governor from Louisiana could take a pointer or two. Nah she is too far gone with her hatred.


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