Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What is wrong with Hollywood?

A question that has been asked a lot lately is why is the box office so down for movies? Here are some reasons why.

First off quit putting out crap. Lets have an orginal idea now and then. Not a remake of a prevous movie or a TV show. Not another lameass sequel but an orginal movie. No one wants to pay 10 bucks to see some piece of crap that the actor was overpaid to make and looks like they are just playing the same character over and over. They overhype the crappiest movies and underhype the ones that are actually good. Make some movies that a whole family could go to. And also make some that are for mature people. No one wants to go to a movie and take their kids if they are going to have to cringe everytime someone drops the F bomb or chops off someones head. Now I am no prude and I like movies like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs etc but these movies should only be seen by people mature enough to know the difference between a movie and reality. Make movies that mean something movies like Schindlers List, The Passion Of The Christ, Forrest Gump etc. These are movies that told a story with people in them that could actually act. The Aviator sucked because it was all over the place and sorry to say but Leo aint that great of an actor. Do not pay someone over 10 million for any movie. They usually suck as actors and the movies usually sucks as well. There are certain actors that play the same in every movie proving they cannot act .... for example: Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner, Ben Affleck,Micahel Douglas, Sharon Stone, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack Nicholson,Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler,Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow,Mathew Perry and Leonardo Dicrapio. It works for some of these people but it does get boring after awhile. Some of them have had moments where they didnt play themselves or the same character over and over, but for the most part with those listed it is rare. There are far far better actors than these out there.For example: Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson, Robert Duvall, Angela Bassett, Gena Rowlands, Holly HUnter,Frances McDormand, Ray Liotta, Russell Crowe, Jodie Foster, Juliette Binoche, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Denzel Washington, and Nicholas Cage. I am sure I am forgetting some and some of these people have phoned in some roles but for the most part they are solid.
Another reason why people don't go to the movies much anymore is because they have no one who works at the theatre to go in and tell some to shut the fuck up if they are on their cell phone or talking. No one wants to get up and leave a movie to go get someone to tell someone to shut the fuck up. And some people are afraid to do it themselves. There are too many rude people in this world. If you are so important that you cannot turn your cell phone off then you shouldn't be at the movies in the first fucking place. Stay the fuck home. People teach your kids manners. It isn't just kids though, sadly enough.
I have more thoughts on this but I must go.
Have no fear I will be back................

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well well well......

It looks like the Downing street memo the liberals were getting all excited about is nothing more than a fake. The "reporter" "had" the orginals notes typed them out himself and then threw the orginal notes away. HAHAHAHAHAHA. More manufactured crap by the liberal media. The fake Bush national guard papers wasnt enough? Now they have to fake meeting notes. Wow that is desperate and pathetic. So even British journalists fake news just like they do here in America. Some smoking gun there dumbascraps. More like a bag of shit someone lit on fire. Dumbasses.

Nancy "help me I cant blink" Pelosi has declared the war in Afghanistan over. Hmmm how interesting. Sadly this non blink face too tight to smile bitch is from my state. She is a disgrace.

I wish that piece of shit kid toucher mikey jerkson would just leave America and go to France where I am sure he will be welcomed with open arms from that pussy of a country. The french .... what a bunch of wimps. Serious question has there ever been a french boxer? If there was did he ever do anything other than give up and surrender?

Tom Cruise please go away and take your pretend girlfriend with you. Dude just come out already it will be ok. You and you your whacked out "religion" are just ruining that poor Katie Holmes but then again she is 26 and she should be smarter than all that.

Gitmo oh boo hoo we are keeping people who want to harm us there without a trial. Waaaa waaaa waaa. I think they REALLY should be tortured not this "extreme" torture of playing loud rap music, blowing cold air, chaining their arms and legs. Thats not torture. And these fuckheads deserve that and so much more. I am tired of hearing people whine about their treatment. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK. They are terrorist torture them and get as much info out of their sorry asses as possible. If that means we do not have to have another attack on us then do it. Hell I volunteer to do it.

Dick Durbin if ever a first name fit someone...... What a piece of shit this guy is, comparing how these terrorists are being treated to how the Jews were treated by the nazis. What a dumb ass.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mikey, Ro Ro, Brad & Sean

Mikey Jerkson==== well well well brilliant jurors strike again. They let the king of pedophiles off. He is free to molest again thanks to them. Not entirely all their fault, the DA was pretty lame not to do some more research on the accusers family. I am sure there were more credible kids out there that the king of kid touchers molested. It won't be the last trial we will see with mikey accused of molesting a young boy, well unless he pays the kid off again. Of course any parent who lets their child spend the night at neverland should have their kid taken away from them. He wasn't kidding when he sang "dangerous" but who knew it was danger towards little boy. Sick freak needs to put away forever.

Rosie Odonnell aka ro ro=== She is a frequent visitor and commenter on my blog, as I am on hers. I welcome her, and welcome her comments. I will not delete any comments made from a person who does NOT post anonymously. I only delete anonymous posts that ramble and make no sense. I used to like ro ro very much back in the day. Now she still makes me laugh at what she says, only I am laughing AT her not with her. She is obviously in need of some mental help. She is at the very least bi polar if not a complete schizo. Just a look at her "art" will tell you all is not right with her. It is sad because you would think she has it made. Hot girl, lots of kids, plenty of money but something is seriously missing from her life. She is very troubled. Anyone who would tell a cancer victim that "liars get cancer" is seriously seriously disturbed. Also her blind hatred of George W is way over the top and she wouldn't know a fact if it bit her in the ass. She must get her news from mikey moore cnn and air america. Now I am not saying George W hasn't made mistakes but some of the things ro ro says are just way out there in looney land. She also stated she was "relieved" mikey jerkson wasnt found guilty. Now that is just sick coming from someone who I thought loved kids ( not loved like mikey loves kids but I mean in a wholesome caring way). I also crack up at the lapdogs that go to her site and drink the koolaid she serves and agree with everything she says. Its like they need to go to her site to figure out what to think about something, or for what their opinion should be on something. Seriously for amusement purposes go check it out. Her fans are bigger kissasses than arsenio hall.

brad pitt=== He never lets me down. Any time he does an interview I just about bust a gut listening to him say the most inane things. The guy has obviously smoked too many bowls. He needs to hang with Angelina some more and find out what a true giver looks like, it aint him. Seriously bradley sell the wedding band you arent using or one of the houses you own before you go on tv and tell people not to buy a cd because that money could send a kid in Africa to school. How many times must I say this chairty begins at home bradley. Go back to the bong and get away from the cameras and microphones.

sean penn=== What can I say about this complete scumbag that I havent already said. Now mr "carries loaded handguns on him" is over in Iran "reporting". Now THAT makes me laugh. He is reporting for the chronicle which isnt a surprise because it is a biased rag and they would get a yes man like sean to "report" for them. sean is a commie just like his dead dad. I guess he is now part of the press that he used to so despise. He even went to jail beating them up and now he is one of them. Ah the irony. Commie dad commie son. The commie doesnt fall far from the tree.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

This N That

Lets hope they lock that sick pedophile mikey jackson up. I am tired of seeing his uglyass paleface on the tv. Send him to jail away from children. He is mentally ill and needs to be locked up and the key thrown away. They should do that to all convicted child molestors although personally I think they should be taken out and shot. I would volunteer to do that and not even charge for the bullets.

Why can't brad pitt just go away? The dude is whining because there is too much focus on him. Well here is an idea bradley how about you stay in your multi million dollar mansion and stay the hell away from any micrphones and cameras? What a dumbass. Ever see this guy interviewed? Not a lot going on upstairs. He also said that we do not give enough money to Africa well bradley charity starts at home how much do you give? You make 20 million a movie you should be giving at least 20 million a year. That would be a start. He says for what we buy a cd for we could send a kid to school well there again bradley sell a mansion and send a village to school. Sell that wedding ring you arent using anymore and send another village to school. To look to others to do what you could easily do is a lame celebrity cop out. Do not expect the working class to not buy a cd when it is you who can afford to give up a few things here and there. Charity starts at home bradley. It is revolting when these celebs come out of their ivory towers to tell the common folk what to do with their hard earned money. These people PRETEND for a living and are paid 20 miilion to do so for 3 monthe, they are the ones that need to be giving.

So warren beatty bashes govenor arnold and says he can do a better job than him yet says he wont run. Well hey there warren if you are so sure you can do a better job then you should run and prove to us how much better you can do instead of bragging to a bunch of lapdogs at beserkly about it. That is the probelm with most of these loads in hollywood they bitch moan and complain but they dont offer any solutions themselves. Like this live 8 bullshit. Yes it is a noble cause but why don't these douchebags offer up their own money. Paul mccartney bono coldplay they could all give half their money and kill a lot of third world debt as well as jay z puff daddy 50 cent. No they would rather bitch and moan and expect others to. I really grow weary of hollywood fundraising. The causes are noble but the people are so far from noble it isnt even funny.