Friday, January 27, 2006

Rights Wrongs and Morons

Liberals are screeching about rights being taken away because the NSA is listening in on some conversations I say big fucking deal. If they want to listen to my conversations and read my email I have no problem with. I have nothing to hide. The people with something to hide are the ones screeching the most. I say let the NSA listen in and let them keep doing what they are doing. We have not been attacked since 9/11/01 and I say kudos to President Bush the military the NSA CIA & FBI and everyone else we don't know about. Keep up the good work. What the liberals should be bellowing about is the fact that San Francisco voted to take away citizens lawfully owned guns and rifles. Yes you read that right. No one in the city of San Francisco is allowed to own a gun or rifle. Where are the liberals protesting this right being ripped away???? Hitler did the same thing before he killed the Jews. If any party can be compared to Hitler & the Nazis it is the dumbascraps. I am a proud responsible gunowner and NO ONE will be taking my guns away.
Now to the morons. Harry Belafonte oh please come on this guy is just a joke. He is a one hit wonder from 100 years ago who embraces opressors and communist dictators like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. Now he is the darling of the left because he atkes every opportunity to blast Bush and his administartion. Hey Harry go tally some bananas in Cuba you love it and its leader so much. I really dont get why if someone is so pissed and hates this country so much why the fuck dont they leave??? If I hated living here I would move in a hearbeat. I mean why would you want to live in a country you belive being run by tyrants? If a commie was elected president here I would be gone.Oh yeah the reason Dayo wont leave is because he has the freedom to speak his mind here which he would not have in Cuba if he disagreed with that government.
Helen Thomas please just retire and go away. You are ghastly person inside and out. She whines because Bush won't call on her at a press conference uh duh why should he all she does is call him names and make false accusations of him. Little old lady liberal can't stand to be ignored. Too bad so sad you beast. She is so bitter her face looks like a lemon.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Buy this book

Do As I Say Not As I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy by Peter Schweizer. I got it for Christmas and it rocks. Here are some things that are in it:
Filmmaker Michael Moore claims he doesn’t invest in the stock market. In fact, he has bought shares in scores of companies, including Halliburton, which he routinely castigates.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi champions organized labor. But Pelosi and her husband own a vineyard that employs only nonunion workers. And she owns part of a California resort that is also nonunion.

Comedian Al Franken often charges that Republicans are racists, yet his staff is actually whiter than Bob Jones University, a school that Franken labels "racist.” He has employed FEWER than 1% African Americans in the past FIFTEEN years.

”Environmentalist” Ted Kennedy opposed a "clean energy” wind-power system off Cape Cod – because it was close to his family compound in Hyannis, Mass.

Of course the media doesn't cover any of this and this is just a small part of what is in this book. Its a great read and it will leave you appalled and affirm the fact that the media is very very biased and liberal.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A little perspective

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Way to go media

You should be really proud of yourselves after the WV miner story. The main blame does go to the owner of the mine for not speaking out about the real truth for about 3 hours but the stupid LAZY media once again showed how very pathetic they are. They didnt bother to confirm the story nooooo they just wanted to be the first to air the "happy" news. The media is so lazy and sloppy these days it is beyond pathetic and this is just yet another prime example. The "news" people are so desperate to be part of the story themselves. Anderson Cooper acts like a schoolgirl and Geraldo Rivera acts like it is all about him. These people are pathetic. The newspapers are just as bad. They have so much hate and contempt for Bush that they will not check facts and do some homework if they feel they have a good story to hurt him. Case in point the NSA nonstory. They wet themselves because Bush spied on suspected terrorists and pontificated in all their holier than thou glory when lo and behold some bloggers and non lockstepping members of the media uncovered the fact that their precious Bill Clinton and that waste of flesh (and worst president ever) Jimmy Carter had done the EXACT same thing. They dont care though as long as it can somehow damage the President. They are inexcusable in their sloppiness and laziness and its just pathetic.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dick Clark

I think what he did was very cool. I know a lot of people were disturbed to see him on New Years Eve but I think he showed a lot of courage. I don't get why some people are so aghast at seeing him. The dude had a stroke and made his way back from not being able to speak and I say kudos to him. I know that people are used to seeing the picture perfect fake as hell celebs but I enjoyed seeing him. He didn't hide away like some of these so called stars would have done. We have to accept the fact that not everyone is perfect and strokes do have consequences. I would rather see Dick Clark the way he was this New Years eve than see that tool Carson Daley or that dork Ryan Seacrest.If it bothered you to see someone less than perfect then perhaps you need to take a good long look at yourself.