Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fuck you CNN

CNN will not show the mohammed cartoons "in respect for Islam" Direct quote taken from their website. Yet I turn on my TV this morning and there they are showing the "torture" photos just released. These are old photos from the same batch that were released a couple years ago. So cnn has nooooo problem showing photos from an old story that could very well endanger OUR soldiers but wont show a freaking cartoon depicting mohammed with a a bomb in his turban. Fuck you cnn. You care more about terrorist then our troops. The so called relgion of peace can't take their guy being made fun of in cartoons so they riot kill and burn. Sounds real peaceful to me. Yet Christians are shown photos of a crucifix in urine the Virgin Mary made out of cow dung and various other assaults on their beliefs and religion and they dont riot or burn. Of course our lovely media LOVES showing those photos etc. Anything to make fun of Christians. The SF Chronicle is a big offender in that as well they wont show the mohammed cartoons either, but I betcha they have no problem running the new abu grahb photos. And get this straight this isn't NEW abuse these are just new photos. The people have already been tried and sentenced for that alleged abuse, but anything to make this president and our troops look bad. Way to go media you fucking bunch of cowards. Go fuck yourself.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Jimmy Carter is a disgrace

That man is a scumbag. He took Coretta Scott Kings funeral and pimped it right out. He is a disgraceful loser. He is also hands down without doubt the worst president of modern times. He malaised this country into being appeasers like him.Thank God Ronald Reagan came along and fixed this country. So he mentions how MLK was wiretapped trying to bring a comparasion to Bush well newsflash you stupid classless man it was TWO dumbascraps who did the wiretapping of MLK it was JFK & RFK and what they did was wrong. What Bush is doing is right he is protecting our country. I want him to authorize the listening in of everyone who is a suspected terrorist. Jimmy Carter does not have a classy bone in his withered up old body. I also read that because people applauded him, and that douchebag reverend who hijacked the pulpit to give an anti Bush message, that it was the right thing to do. Um hello people applauded Hitler all the time for talking about killing Jews does that make it right? Only in dumbascraps tiny mind it does. As usual Bush showed class when these dumbascraps didnt. Taking the high road is classy no sense in dirtying yourself in the dumbascrap dust.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cindy screechan media whore extraordinaire

So she got tossed out on her ass before the Presidents state of the Union I say right on. This bitch has taken any sympathy one might have for her and shoved it up her own ass. She got what she wanted more attention. She is nothing but a shrill media whore who will do anything to grasp onto a camera.I would love to see this stupid bitch try the same thing in her beloved Venezuela she would be shot no questions asked. Her honey Hugo Chavez would do it in a heartbeat. It is time for this used up old hag to go away and stay away. Its to bad the police apologized to her. They did nothing wrong. She cries about her freedom of speech but has no problem disturbing the Presidents. Typical double standard dumbascrap.
While I am on the State of the Union and speaking of used up old hags could hillary clinton be a bigger bitch? Geez what a sourpuss sore loser. Pathetic. She and cindy MEhan would make a good couple. And it is Cindy MEhan becaue it is ALL about HER now all the time.