Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Short but sweet

I haven't had a lot of time to blog. Been busy with work and life. Johnny cochran is dead oh how little I care. Its called karma and I can't wait for it to catch up to that ass puppet OJ. I suppose I feel bad for Johnnys family but really why should I? Did he feel bad for the two families his client murdered in cold blood I very seriously doubt it.
Whoever told Bruce Springsteen he could sing? Dude can write great songs but man is his voice hideous. Its not getting better with age either. I heard his new song and it seems like it might be an ok song if someone who could actually sing sang it. He should have given that song to someone else.
Final four is going to sweeeeeet. I have a feeling there will be some kickass games. Ah well I need to get to do other things. Oh and never fear I WILL be back!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Let me be fair

Ok it was pointed out to me that I was picking on Rosie for being crazy. I think that is true. I do think she has some serious mental issues but there are other that are just as nuts and maybe more so. So in fairness here I go.
Barry Bonds absolutely nuts. If you disgaree then you did not see his press confernce about steroids. Well he never actually talked about steroids he talked about Sanford and Son and poor barry balco bonds being the victim of racism. I laugh at that thought. Now I am in no way saying racism does not exist but barry balco bonds is not the victim of it. How many mansions does he own? How many millions of dollars does he have in the bank? Yeah barry poor you.
Sean Penn without a doubt is insane. Besides the obvious lack of any sense of humor ( see the oscars) the guy cries about the violence of war yet carries around loaded guns. Guns that were stolen from his car that have killed who knows how many people. Mr class act penn also pisses in a booze bottle at the table of a fancy restaraunt while being interviewed.He wont be living long he smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish.
Tim Robbins maybe not insane but dillusional. Cries about there being no freedom of speech while speaking freely uh duh there timmy boy.
Bill O'Reilly def insane. Always "looking out for the folks" but yet settles a sexuall harrassment case out of court so he could continue to "look out for the folks". Yeah right there billy boy.
To be continued......

Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday the 18th

That piece of shit who killed that little girl in Florida needs to die. Painfully and slowly. He is an animal and needs to be put down. He is of no use to society. Same with ALL child molestors and that includes you Michael Jackson king of pedophiles.
The steroid hearings. Man what as ass Mark McGuire is " I am not here to talk about the past" Uh yeah you are dumbass. And where the hell was the BIGGEST cheater of all time barry balco bonds?? That piece of crap has pretty much skated through this whole thing. Who holds the single season HR record? No not barry No not mcguire ROGER MARIS. Those other two are pretnders to the throne and arent fit to carry rogers moldy jock. And barry will not be breaking Babe Ruth or Henry Aarons records he is cheating he has no record he is a liar and cheater and a wife beater. He dserves nothing but scorn. Bud Selig is a load and is a disgrace to baseball. Don Fehr the union is rep is just as bad if not worse. Baseball has been tarnished by all these fools. What the hell is wrong with people? Cheating is cheating no matter if you are punished by your employer or not. Throw out the records.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I think Rosie is insane

Have you read her blogs? I think she is very very disturbed. I feel sorry for her kids and no not because she is gay I couldnt care less about that its because I believe she is insane. She can't spell and rambles like an isane woman. Good thing her blinding hatred of George W Bush powers her every thought zzzzzzzzz so played out Ro.She needs to grow the fuck up and get some professional help. If she is getting some now she needs to get more maybe she needs to lock herself away for a stretch at a mental health facility. She wishes cancer on those she doesnt like hmmm sounds very much like Howard Stern. Crazyyyyyyyy. She should get a 2 for one deal and take sean "the pacifist who carries loaded guns on him" penn in with her. That dude is totally insane. He pisses in a bottle at a fancy restaraunt while being interviewed crazyyyyyyyy. I have seen him in person and he reeks of beer and cigarettes. He lives in the bay area and so do I. I have seen him out and about and he is always smoking crazyyyyyyy. If he is so peace loving why the need to carry SEVERAL LOADED weapons???? Crazyyyy. And dude while you are getting mental help see if you can find a sense of humor. He made an ass out of himself at the Oscars so think skinned.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

First one

Well here goes here is my first attempt at bloggery. I am not insane like rosie odonnell. Man what happened to her? She has lost it. She needs to be institutionalized. It is sad really because at one time she was really funny. She did an HBO special that was killer funny but now she is a total buzzkill. Get some help lady you need LOTS of it.
Lets not even get started on michael "kid toucher" jackson that dude has lost it and aint ever getting it back. He is a mess. He is giving comedians their salary there is SOOOOO much to work with there. Why didnt bubbles do to mikey what those chimps in Bakersfield do to that dude? I guess we cant get that lucky.
Why is it that these people with tons of money after to turn into isane babling idiots? See the above examples of rosie and mikey and there are tons more.
What is the deal with that douche sean penn? Does he have a stick up his ass or what? Dude does not have a sense of humor and he is a thin skinned weasel. Can he even make a movie that is watchable anymore? I feel sorry for his kids nah not really they will get daddys money when he corks from lung cancer or cirrhosis.
Don't worry I will be back for more.