Friday, March 03, 2006


I do not care one bit about the oscars. I haven't in quite some time. I will not be watching. I have not watched in years. All the classy people that once inhabited Hollywood are long gone. These people feel they should be awarded for pretending. Its not hard work. They go away to some movie set for 3 months or so are fed clothed made up fed their lines have luxurious trailers and as per usual do not do a thing for themselves. Yet they are overpaid and given everything they could ever want.There is not an actor alive today that I admire for their profession. I admire some for what they have done since hitting the pot of gold, but for what they do for a living, never. They pretend. It is what kids do everyday. That is really what they are spoiled kids. They love to hand out rewards to each other and pontificate on their "craft" well their "craft" is repeating lines that are written by others. There is no talent there. The talent comes from the writers the grips etc. Not from the actors. They do not even have to memorize their lines. They are fed to them before they do a scene.Soap actors , for the most part, are far more talented than these movie actors. They love to have their circle jerks where the can congratulate themselves. For what? For pretending? Its actually funny and quite pathetic.They crave pats on the back because they realize their jobs are fake and meaningless. They give lame speeches and try to sound smart when everyone knows the majority of them are as dumb as a box of rocks. Thats why they mess up when they are interviewed, they can only do good at reading what someone has written for them. There are a few smart ones but by and large they are stupid. What else could they possibly do for a living but pretend? They are so desperate for someones approval. Every interview I have heard or read by george clooney is just a cry for love me daddy. He acts like his dad was some great reporter. He was not He was a local news guy who did nothing of merit. His claim to fame is that he is Rosemary Clooneys brother big whoop. To illustrate what a joke the oscars are just think about this Julia Roberts has an oscar.... enough said!


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