Friday, October 28, 2005

The media are a bunch of freaking retards

and I mean no disrespect to retards by lumping the media in with you. The medias wet dream came true with the indictment of Scooter Libby. They are in such a glee fest that the STILL can't get the facts straight. Tim Russert of all people screeched with delight "This is significant, it's the first time in 130 years a White House official has been indicted." Uh wrong yet again media try looking at someone called Mike Espy or perhaps Henry Cisneros or Billy Dale or even go back so far as H R Haldeman. For Christ sakes get the fucking story right. I mean I get that this is like your fondest dream coming true but please try doing just a TINY bit of research. Why in the hell would I believe you about ANYTHING when you cant get the smallest of facts right??? Fuck you media.
Oh and I saw Leo DeCrapio on Oprah spouting off on global warming.Yeah this brainiac is a real expert of course he had that kiss ass Oprah eating out of his ass. This was probably after he got off a private plane into a limo. Yeah way to practice the typical liberal mantra of do as I say not as I do.And didnt fucktard Leo's movie "the beach" leave an island in tatters and full of a pollution??? Ah yeah Leo way to go.Why doesnt he preach to all his celeb pals with the private planes and uber liberal Norman Lear with his 20 car garage? Or Oprah with her limos and suvs and largest house in California? A big fuck you to Leo DeCrapio and Oprah too for fawning over this imbecile.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oct 26

So somehow some dumbascraps are barking about how now they want this Fitzgerald dude to impeach president Bush. What the fuck? I guess they are still pissed Bubba got impeached and want to make up some shit so it can happen to Bush. Even for dumbascraps thats stretching it.I wonder what the dumbascraps that are lauding Fitzgerald now will say if there are no indictments? Personally it does not matter to me either way.
I see that media whore of the moment cindy sheehan is going to chain herself to the shitehouse fence everday in the hopes of getting her ugly face on the news everynight. Face it cindy your message like certain parts of your body has gone dry. Now you go to this pathetic measure to get more of your ugly mug on camera. You are a disgrace. Did you get this idea from media whore extraordinaire mikey moore?
Did you see what the unbiased media did to the photo of Condi Rice??? They only corrected it AFTER some bloggers busted them on it. Is it any wonder no one trusts the media? Way to go you fucks at USA Today nice "journalism" there way to be unbiased. Fucking sad.

Do they hate her that much just because they think she might run against their precious hillary? They are beyond pathetic.

Woah I just heard that Jeb Bush took responsibilty for the slow response to hurricane victims in Florida. Wow how rare. Maybe that screaming harpy of a governor from Louisiana could take a pointer or two. Nah she is too far gone with her hatred.

Monday, October 17, 2005


I read that Jimmy "the worst president EVER" Carter's son is thinking about running for senate but spends all his time bad mouthing Bush. uhhh newsflash there Bongload Carter you aren't running against Bush in fact NO ONE is. I know all you libs are concerned but here is a newsflash Bush can't run again. There.
I see that Teddy "leave em drown" Kennedy may have done something to help some stranded fisherman. Chalk this up as the first time Teddy has done anything to help anyone in the water. Of course they werent disposable women who he could just leave to drown. And his bottlegging crooked father is long since dead so he had no one to call to bail his drunken ass out. Hope it didnt cut into drinking time there fat boy.
Where is the media and Oprah to admit they are wrong about what happened in New Orleans? There were no babies being raped no piles of bodies no roaming gangs no shots fired at rescue helicopters. So where is the mea culpa? I dont expect one from the media but maybe Oprah could do a show on all the untruths that were said on her show about Katrina. Come on Oprah do it.
So frank Rich wrote a piece .... oh wait I didnt read it because whenever I see his name I just laugh. He was a broadway critic who the NY Times in all their wisdom promoted to some sort of opinion editor who now writes ridiculous stories dealing with his blinding hatred of all things Bush (pun probably intended). So I can't comment on something I refuse to read. Broadway critic too funny.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Been awhile

Went on vacation to Vegas for a week. Had a great time. So much and so little has happened. The liberals are all stuck in the same annoying rut. Blame blame blame. If I hear one more crazyass lib saying impeach Bush I will bitchslap them myself. Impeach him for what? Idiots. Its finally getting out how corruprt and retarded the Mayor of New Orleans and the Gov are. Its about time. Finally also getting out about the untruth about babies getting raped and all that in New Orleans too. God forbid the media actually investigates something on their own and just rehashes some spoonfed unchecked story.
I am already sick of the potential candidates for President in 2008. Fuck why do they have to start so damned early. I am so sick of seeing Hillary in her pious I am so much better than all of you poses and why is she the go to person for any quote on anything. I understand why they should go to Teddy Killer Kennedy because he is either drunk or hungover and Robert Byrd is probably practicing his hangman noose for his next KKK rally but why Hillary. I suppose she is better than that nasty botoxed hag Nancy Pelosi or the always shrill and pointless Barbara Boxer. How about going to someone with some common sense like Dianne Feinstein?
And while we are on nasty plastic surgery (Nancy Pelosi) what the fuck did Meg Ryan do to her face and why? Its not like she is old and hagged like Susan Sarandon who I might add had some very good work done because she looks good. Meg is only in her 40s and looks like a surprised duck. Oh and would it kill these people to eat once in awhile? Or are they too cracked out? That Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan are horrid looking. They look like freaking skeletons. Eat a couple times of day girls. One of these fools is going to die one day just to look the skinniest. Does anyone really like the skeleton look? No one I know does.