Saturday, July 30, 2005

Muslim scum, gitmo, jimmy carter etc

Wasn't it just awful to see those poor terrorists forced to strip naked when they arrested them in London???? That would be the rallying cry of liberals in America if that happened here. Teddy "I let a woman drown to death" Kennedy would be all over the place opening his gin blossomed drunken face to decry the horrors of making terrorists get naked. It would be ok if it was a woman terrorist and one of his nephews was raping her though. Seriously teddy kennedy is the biggest joke of all time. I think he outdoes Robert "kkk" Byrd and Barbara "check bouncer" boxer. The dude is just a scumbag. I dont want to hear anything out of his drunken yap except the words " I am resigning and I am giving all my money to the Kopechne family for coldy allowing their daughter to slowly drown to death". The dude is such a douchebag, calling what is happening in gitmo torture. No Teddy torture is letting a woman drown to death while your fat ass gets out the car goes home has a few more drinks passes out and then tells someone about it. Thats torture you fat piece of drunken shit.
Jimmy Carter what a worthless dick this guy is. All he can do is bitch and whine about everything Bush does. Shut the fuck up Jimmy and go pound some nails, that is all you are good for anymore. Your presidency was a joke. He was hands down the worst president of the 20th century. The dude loves to go on foreign soil and bash Bush wow real brave there peanut farmer. This guy doesn't know dick about terrorists anyhow, he was the tool who just stood by when they took our people hostage in Iran for 444 days. Dumb dick.He was a bigger disgrace to the presidency than Nixon & Clinton combined.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Some more thoughts

Muslim terrorist die a horrible death you piles of shit and don't take anyone else with you......unless it is another worthless piece of shit muslim terrorist . Since my last posting was so well received I thought I would expand some on that. I really wish the terrorist muslim scumbags would just all kill themselves,without killing any innocent bystanders.They serve no purpose on this earth and are the very definition of a waste of skin. I wish we could just nuke them all, not the innocent muslims just the shit infested terrorists.
Am I a bad person because I am tired of hearing about Natalie Hollaway? I mean it sucks that she is missing and it sucks for her family but do we have to hear about it 24/7? I know these "news" shows have lots of time to fill but come on I am sure there are tons of stories out there. There are plenty of missing kids right here in the USA. Show some of them the attention this girl is getting.
Again I say, I want there to be a law that kills all child molestors. I do not believe they serve any purpose in living and breathing the same air as the children they have harmed. Kill them all and lets be done with it. And while I am talking about killing people for justice, I do think they death penalty should be carried out immediately after a conviction with DNA evidence or a confession. If it is clear someone killed someone then put them in a room right off the courtroom and put a bullet in their head. Of course this would never happen in my state, California, because we have that piece of shit bitch Barbara Boxer as a senator and she has a loud mouth. Oh and we have that non blinking bitch Nancy Pelousy, man that lady is a fright to look at. I am serious I do not think she has blinked since the Reagan presidency. Why is there a death penalty if it is rarely carried out?
Why the fuck is Larry King still on the air? The dude has about as much energy as a slug in coma. His show is horrid to watch unless you are watching for the sheer comedy of it. He mumbles when he asks a question and has never given a tough interview in his life. You can tell he is just showing up for the money. Hell with 6 ex wives I guess he will work until they close the lid on his coffin. Of course he just might sleep in a coffin everynight judging by the looks of him.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Die muslim terrorist scum and child molesters

Ok there I said it. I want all the muslim terrorists to die. I want them to be tortured and killed. Do I want all muslims to get that fate? NO. But I sure as hell would like to see a lot more muslims speak out against these terrorist shitheads. I do not want to hear about the imagined "horrors" of gitmo. I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. Torture them all and REALLY torture them. And if Teddy Kennedy opens his fat drunken gin blossomed yap about it I want someone to step and say "hey fat drunken man since when do you care about other people? You didn't care much about Mary Jo Kopechne when you left her to drown from your drunken driving. So shut the fuck up." Some politician somewhere have the nuts to say this to his gin blossomed face when he brings up gitmo. We need to take off the kid gloves we need to show these scumbags real torture and I am not talking about playing mariah carey (although to me that would be torture), I am talking about real torture.I do not want another London to happen.

And while I am talking about punishment that fits the crime lets not give these child molesting scumbags a second chance. Since my idea of killing them after the first offense would never fly, lets put them in prison forever. General population. No parole no out on bail. How many more little kids have to die or get hurt before someone will step up and really make these sick fucks pay? I hope that sick fuck who took Shasta and Dylan gets his throat slit in prison. Let the prisoners deal out the justice that some people seem so afraid to give these scumbags. Our justice system is far too lenient. Lets have prisons for violent crimes and sex crimes and a separate prison for drug crimes.